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My daughter wrote and illustrated this picture book when she was eight years old. 

Guardian angels are being turned into bubbles! Join Alison and her pets—a golden retriever, a deer, and a mouse—as they cross forests, hike mountains, and climb rainbows in order to find God and help the angels. An adventurous, mythical journey! 

Angel in a Bubble is available in ebook and paperback. This would make a lovely gift for children to encourage their writing and story-telling skills. Available from the publisherAmazonB&N, or by order from all brick and mortar bookstores.
"Nine-year-old Melisa has written a delightful and imaginative story young readers will enjoy. The wonderful illustrations bring to life this enchanting tale of a young girl who meets her angel and helps to free her from a bubble. A wonderful lesson in the importance of helping others in need. Hopefully we all have an angel watching over us." --Christina Lewis, Kid's Bookshelf

"Nine year old Melisa has created a thoughtful story for children. Her bright illustrations done mostly in watercolors and ink make a real splash on the pages of her book. She captures the imagination of young children in this delightful story that might get you to wonder, where is my angel? Will I ever meet him or her? A promising writer/illustrator, Melisa's debut book is one the entire family can enjoy!" --Jennifer Reed, Editor, Wee Ones Children's Magazine

"How refreshing to read a story filled with encouragement and determination to reach a goal... A delightful and spiritually encouraging story filled with illustrations drawn by the young author. At such a young age, Melisa shows great promise as a writer. I highly recommend this 28 page book to one and all, regardless of age, to enjoy and reflect on Melisa’s message to open our hearts and help a person in need. I'd also like to acknowledge and extend kudos to Guardian Angels Publishing for allowing our young muses an avenue to express themselves through writing." --Lea Schizas, Muse Book Reviews 
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